Bygone Sash Windows

The sash window is in fact the most efficient window ever invented, thanks to its unique ability to induce convection like no other window style, removing stale air from a room. The Bygone Collection has faithfully rejuvenated this wonderful window, blending the beauty and elegance of the original windows centuries ago, with the modern-day materials and technology available to date. The result is a truly impeccable authentic sash window that meets all of today's stringent requirements, from strict conservation controls, Police security testing, the British Board of Agreement endurance testing, and of course, the energy efficiency of a modern-day window.

Yet despite all these features, Bygone Collection is custom built to your exact specifications by craftsmen with pride and the spirit of the past 300 years of history. If you are looking for a window that is elegant in proportion, simple in design and efficient yet beautiful, then look no further than a Bygone Collection sash window. Often the preserve of grand town houses and stately mansions, sash windows have truly gone full circle in trend. Making its first appearance in the mid 1600's, the sash rose to popularity fast and remained the most evocative style for centuries. When the 1960's saw the mass-produced aluminium, PVCU and timber windows surge to popularity, thousands of sash windows were indiscriminately replaced, destroying the character, charm and value of many properties overnight.

We choose our products extremely carefully and have built our reputation on our ability to install the very best windows and doors. The selection we make for each home depends entirely on your requirements; the architecture and age of your property, your personal taste, style and budget.

Within our range is a collection of Timber, Aluminium and Timber Alternative windows and doors.

Irrespective of your preferred material finish, each window or door we supply is made to your exact design specification, with an endless range of colours to choose from and complemented with tasteful ironmongery.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our extensive range of products.

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